My intense Follow list.

  • verysherry
    I’ve been following her for some time now. She is super sweet! She posts awesome randomness, movie stills, and always has the best celeb photos before anyone else. 
  • minimcgayness
    I just recently started following them. They post some really great Skins and Misfits stuff along with some other things.
  •  tremendoustits
    I really enjoy this woman. She is funny and brash. Her Tumblr is def. NSFW! Good quality Tumblr, laughs will ensue. She is so amazing I even follow her on Twitter!
  • jack-the-lad
    Another good Skins and etc Tumblr. I follow for the Skins love. 
  • thepulpgirls
    They post some really cute girls! Half my likes are their posts.
  • refugado
    Great, great, great photography posts! 
  • bromo-aj
    I don’t know how long I’ve been following this Tumblr, but I’ve just realized it. Some great quality photography. I recommended them to my roommate. So now to you too!
  • aliveinorlando
    Witty one-liners that you more than likely agree with and laugh at. 


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